Championship Sunday 9/25

A grueling summer of wiffleball all culminated to this point. The Immortals, led by Adam, had won all 5 tournaments prior to this in the season. Even with the absence of a few key players, (Most notably ½ of the GTO DPO, aka ya boy, aka mr. clutch, aka Andy “MF” J), they were still massive favorites to complete the season sweep. 

The Immortals showed no signs of weakness as they easily coasted into the championship game with a 3-0 record. It was looking like title number 6 was inevitable. The only thing that stood between The Immortals and a perfect season was Baby Got Bats. Baby Got Bats, captained by Trench, was truly the underdog story of the league. At the start of the season, the core of this team was typically a longshot to even make the playoffs. So the team being a single game away from taking down the league championship was truly an impressive feat. It was a genuine David (dah-beed) vs. Goliath story. 

The Immortals got out to a quick and sizeable lead, failing to trail for almost the entirety of the game. But down by four with two innings left to play, Baby Got Bats started to rally. The Immortals put up goose eggs, as Baby Got Bats cut into the once seemingly insurmountable lead. It started at 4, then 3, then 2, then 1. With one on and one out left in the bottom of the final inning, the pressure was on the Baby Got Bats captain, Trench. A homerun would earn his team the W, and anything else would likely lead to a loss. Go big or go home. 

He went big.

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