Draft Day! 9/1

A good, old-fashioned, playground-style draft. For a brief moment, your value as a person becomes almost entirely contingent on your wiffleball skills. Go early, and the pressure to perform is on. Go late, and get your ego demolished. It’s the stuff childhood trauma is made out of.

The four captain slots were bestowed to the following people; Adam, Ben, Mav, and Trench. In order to ensure the teams were as balanced as possible, the draft order was seeded as so; Ben, Mav, Trench, Adam.

The captains crafted the following squads (Pick order is top to bottom):

Team Ben:

Ben Friedman

Brian Puter

Vince Ng

Steph Angell

Ellen Coughlin

Leah Bayne

Alyssa Queral

Team Mav:

Mav Maverick

Beau Bickel

Brian Pointer

Sabrina Rivera

Heather Spaniol

Brittany Legrain

Zoe Day

Team Trench:

Trench Picone

Bruce Ng

Debbi Richards


Caroline Benton

Alex Hoyer

Ashley Nikki


Team Adam:

Adam White

Abby Moats

Alli Ross

Jayde Clyde

Dani Kalkas

Jacob Wilson

Eric Brothers

Ben had the fun team, Mav had the heavy hitters, Trench had the wildcards, and Adam had Adam. No team had a notable advantage going into it, and it was anyone’s to win.

Round One saw Team Adam beat Team Ben convincingly with a final score of 12-3. Notable performances came from team captain, Adam, who hit three homeruns in his first three at-bats, and number one overall pick, Crazy Uncle Brian, who recorded three hits and drank six beers.

Come on guy!

In the other game, Team Mav eeked out a one-run nailbiter with a 4-3 win over Team Trench.

In Round 2, Team Mav found themselves in another close one-run game. But this time, they were on the losing end as Team Adam defeated Team Mav 11-10.

Solid pitch from Abby. A damn fine Andy J replacement if I say so myself.

Both Team Ben and Team Trench were looking to battle back from their early losses and put one up in the win column. Team Ben remained consistent this round and was once again beaten badly. 9-2 Team Trench.

In Round 3, Team Trench upset Team Adam 4-3 which would lead to a rematch in the championship game.

The last time these two captains faced off in the finals, Trench emerged the victor. Lightning didn’t strike twice though, and Team Adam earned the W beating Team Trench 4-3 off the back of the impressive performances by the ladies on the team.

Male Offensive MVP: Adam

Male Defensive MVP: Ben

Male MVP: Trench

Female Offensive MVP: Dani

Female Defensive MVP: Yada

Female MVP: Abby

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