Draft Day 2! 9/8/19

If it’s not apparent at this point, we take wiffleball pretty seriously around here. So seriously, that we decided to up the stakes of the drafts by instituting a relegation policy.

For those not familiar, relegation is essentially the act of being demoted as a result of losing. As someone who absolutely despises losing and subscribes to the Ricky Bobby school of thought, I absolutely love the concept of relegation.

So for our league, it’s simple. The captain of the team that comes in last is replaced by another player the following week. After his last-place finish in the first draft, Ben Friedman was the first captain to be stripped of his title.

Ya really do hate to see that

Making his return to the diamond after a short hiatus, Dozer “Dozer” Clements stepped up to the fill the vacant captain slot

The Draft

Round Robin Recap

Round 1:

Team Adam vs Team Dozer –

Final Score: 11-1

Highlights –

Adam: 2 HR

Dozer: 1 3B, 1 Run

Dave: 1 RBI

Team Trench vs Team Mav –

Final Score: 0-1

Highlights –

Ben: 1 2B, 1 RBI

Britanny: 1 1B, 1 Run

Round 2:

Team Adam vs Team Mav –

Final Score: 6-0

Highlights –

Adam: 4-4, 4 HR, 5 RBI

Debbi: 2 1B, 1 RBI

Team Dozer vs Team Trench –

Final Score: 2-6

Highlights –

Elisa: 3-4, 1 2B, 1 RBI

Trench: 3-4, 1 3B, 2 RBI

Krista: 2-4, 1 2B, 2 RBI (I swear these stats are real, and I didn’t just make them up because she feeds me. She actually did well.)

Round 3:

Team Adam vs Team Trench –

Final Score: 12-1

Highlights –

Adam: 5-5, 4 HR, 7 RBI

Jeremy: 3-4, 2 HR, 3 RBI

Debbi: 2-4, 2 RBI

Team Mav vs Team Dozer:

Final Score: 5-1

Highlights –

Caroline: 1 HR, 3RBI

Brittany: 2-3, 2 Runs

Karl: 1 HR, 1 RBI

The Elimination Game

The elimination game saw Team Dozer vs Team Trench face off. With each captain’s proverbial “C” on the line, neither wanted to lose. Staving off relegation would mean a shot at redemption at some point down the road. As my good friend and former captain, Ben Friedman, would say, it was a must-win game.

Team Dozer sent three up and sat three down in the top of the 1st, and Team Trench got off to a blistering start in the bottom half of the inning. After a leadoff single from Elisa, a hit from Shannon out of the three-hole, and an RBI single from Trench in the cleanup slot, it was starting to look like Dozer’s tenure as a captain was going to be brief. But Dozer’s team was able to escape the 1st only down by one, and it was still anyone’s game to win.

Dozer came through big for his team in the 2nd with one of the more impressive feats of hitting on the day. With a runner on first and two out, Dozer recognized scoring in that situation was critical and that recording an out would be catastrophic. So rather than trying to go too big and make a mistake, he took a nice long look at an outside pitch and hit a solid shot to an unguarded opposite-field wall. In the bottom of the 2nd, it was Team Trench who went down in a quick 1-2-3 inning. We had a game on our hands.

In the top of the 3rd, Team Dozer kept their rally going. Dave, Nikki, Karl, and Dozer all added to the hit column. The team put two more runs on the board and now had a 3-1 lead. Trench leadoff for his team in the bottom of the third with a statement. His bat had been a bit quiet on the day, but he broke his silence with a towering shot deep into the dome behind left. With a tight 3-2 score and both captains coming through for their team, it was clear that neither side was going down easy.

The rest of the game really just came down to defense. Everyone was hitting the ball hard, but nothing was getting through. After two more innings of play, Team Dozer’s 3-2 lead held. Team Trench is no more.

The Championship

Team Adam vs Team Mav

The talent vs the strategist.

Three batters into the game, I was ready to call it. Adam started things off with a hard-hit single. Alli followed with a groundball that was successfully fielded, but an error on the double play transfer resulted in all runners being safe. So Team Adam had runners on first and second. A dirty single from Jeremy resulted in the bases loaded with no outs. At that point, any hit would essentially end the game. In addition to driving in a few runs, a hit would also result in another Adam at-bat. Something Team Mav was definitely trying to avoid. The pressure was on.

Debbi made good contact, but Caroline made a solid defensive play at third and snagged the flyball. Sophia also ripped one on the ground, but ole 40 Card Friedman doesn’t mess around on defense. He was crowding the line, his hands were big, his feet were quick, and he put his body on the line, making a diving stop to record the 2nd out of the inning. It all came down to Nina, but after some close pitches and hard swings; she struck out. Crisis averted. 0-0. Team Mav kept their momentum going into the bottom half of the inning and drew first blood. After a single from Abby, Caroline came through with a clutch double to drive her home. The girls kept it going, and Yada drove in Caroline to bolster their lead. 2-0.

After being held to a single and stranded on 3rd in the first, Adam fired back with a towering solo shot to reduce the lead to one. Alli then reached base again and eventually scored off the back of a monster two-run homerun from Debbi. All the momentum that Mav had seemingly dissipated as they went down in short order to finish the inning. Team Adam led 3-2.

Once again, the game devolved into a defensive battle. Even Adam was being shut down, recording consecutive outs at one point. He did manage to hit another solo homerun in the 4th, which would be the only run scored on either side until the final inning.

Going into 7th, it was still a nailbiter. Team Adam’s two-run lead certainly wasn’t safe. Adam recorded another out to start the inning, but his team had his back. Hits from Alli, Debbi, Jeremy, and Sophia resulted in an additional two runs and an additional Adam at-bat. Adam snapped his slump, and put the nail in the coffin with a two-run homerun.

8-2. Adam wins. Again.


Best Offensive Male: Adam

Best Defensive Male: Dozer

Best Offensive Female: Debbi

Best Defensive Female: Caroline

MVP: Adam

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