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DROGO – The recognizable Koi we brought to his forever home the very same time we brought ALL the other fish, but for some reason has grown strong like bull to rule them all…

CLAWS – The painted turtle who’s deceivingly sharp name will leave you surprised to find him crawling out of the water not to attack, but simply to eat out of the palm of your hand !

Meet Claws

CERSEI – Ranch Islands first bengal cat, a slender ninja, she silently stalks through the thick vegetation rarely to be seen… Tough to spot, and even harder to catch.

ARYA – Bengal #2, distinguished by her terrifying screeching meow, she’s actually VERY friendly. You can usually find her in the bar knocking over water cups

“i can halp you?”

RHAEGAR – A Savannah cat, the resident male and kitten, already towering over all the other cats. Baby Rhae is fussy, a long whiney meow, and won’t sit for long to be pet, but if you’ve got food or a wiffleball.. you may have his attention…

“iz my ball?”

EMMY – the newest ranchmate, a fluffy little ball of jet black, can be seen meowing at doors and not entering them. She’s 10 years old and still looks like a kitten! … and a little like a certain dragon…


HOPPER & SISTER – A pair of new Dwarf Bunnies that will give you the cuddles reeeal bad.

Is this Hopper or Sister?

WILMA – (see Ted) our orange tabby cat was a handsome greeter to all visitors, and sadly the victim of a hit and run last year. BUT the following morning of the incident a previously disinterested chicken (Wilma) became very Ted-like. Digging alongside the tractor and leading us around. Henceforth, Ted was reincarnated into Wilma and we can’t decide what to call her…

“if you’re a bird i’m a bird…”

PAVOL – the Peacock who loves Wilma and can occasionally be seen frolicking about

THEON & YARA – Momma duck left Theon stranded after she had hatchlings in our pool, so we found him a sister and they bonded instantly! Now they can fly but choose to stay.

TIGER LILY – (R.I.P) Our 1st ranch pet, a rescue with a tough life and a bad rep before us, she was known among the shelter employees for being vicious! But this cuddlebug just needed needed to be an outdoor cat. Tolerator of dress-up, catcher of mice, she was truly one of a kind..

Always a fashionista…

TED – (R.I.P) Our second adopted feline, and now possibly a reincarnated chicken… (see Wilma) Ted was the friendliest of all pets, known for his personal guided tours around the ranch. Always the first to greet you at your car, he didn’t possess a mean bone in his body! Honestly, one time he played paddycake with a gopher… actual story.

Catching some rays, bruh
Meet the Animals – Ranch Life Episode #5