What is this place?

A private residence where Adam and his friends live

How can I find you on Airbnb?

Sorry, we do not rent our property. never have, never will use Airbnb

I’m flying to Vegas next month, can I stop by and visit?

This is a private residence and we don’t open our home to the public. However, if you’re a social media influencer or YouTuber like myself, there could be an opportunity for us to collaborate! See Collabs page here.

I love your wiffleball field, can I come play?

Thank you, we love our beautiful field ! At some point we would like to host a tournament, but at this time it’s use is strictly limited to friends and family

It’s my birthday next month and I have $10,000 to spend, can I rent your property for the weekend?

Sorry, no. I’ve spent quite a bit of money, tears, sweat, and blood, to create my dream home and it’s just that. My home! It is NOT a rental property, and while $10k could buy a lot more trees… it’s not worth the aftermath

I’m a model and love your pool! can I do a photo shoot at your home?

Hey, maybe! Check out the photo shoots page for more info

How do I volunteer or get more info about adopting an animal?

Click here for the Ranch Island Rescue page